Indonesia – Vietnam Friendship Cultural Night

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Indonesia – Vietnam Friendship Cultural Night

Hanoi, 22 November 2017

In the occasion of 120 Indonesian air force cadets visit to Hanoi from 21st to 23rd November 2017, Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi supported by UNESCO Association of Hanoi for the first time has hosted “Indonesia – Vietnam Friendship Cultural Night” which has been held in Students’ Cultural House, No. 37 Tran Binh Trong Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi on 22 November 2017.

In the event attended by approximately 300 audiences, Indonesian Air Force cadets together with Vietnamese artists and arts enthusiast from several arts clubs under UNESCO Association of Hanoi showcased their cultural heritage through music and dance performances. This cultural exchange event is an opportunity for both countries to strengthen friendship ties. As Vice President of UNESCO Association Of Hanoi, Ms. Nguyen Hong Hai hoped that the friendship between President Soekarno of Indonesia and President Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam since both countries independence in 1945 can always be nourished and passed to the next generations.


In his opening remarks, Charge d’affaires and Minister Counsellor of the Indonesian Embassy Mr. Suryana Sastradiredja higlighted the event as special as the performers from Indonesian side is Indonesian Air Force cadets. This fact showed that in their academy, the cadets are not only physically trained but also equipped with social skills by having arts and cultural excersies. In the event, the cadets were showcasing their talent and ability in playing Javanese traditional musical instrument called “Gendang” along with brass instruments, dancing “Saman” from Aceh, “Gemu Famire” from East Nusa Tenggara, “Reog” from East Java and performing Indonesian martial arts “Pencak Silat”.

While from the Vietnamese side, the show was filled with performances from across generation, from students, adults to seniors that colourfully showcased Vietnamese traditional as well as contemporary songs, musics and dance. Among others were chorus singing “Song of Country” and “The Beloved Country”, dances titled “7 years”, “Green Frog” and some others. The event then closed with Vietnamese sang and danced “Road of ASEAN” with the national dresses and flags of 10 ASEAN countries on the stage.

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Indonesia and Vietnam has strategic partnership since 2013 which one of the aims is to strengthen people-to-people links. Indonesia – Vietnam Friendship Cultural Night is an effort of the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi to promote Indonesian arts and cultures, strengthen friendship ties and expand people-to-people links.


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